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Volume 10 No 3 Industrial Sociology, September 1959


  • The Need for a Sociology of Labour, V. L. Allen
  • The Aims of Industrial Sociology--Some Reflections, W. H. Scott
  • The Dynamics of Joint Consultation, Friedrich Fuerstenberg
  • Technical Organization as a Factor in Supervisor-Worker Conflict: Some Preliminary Observations on a Study Made in the Mining Industry, John H. Goldthorpe
  • Veblen and Industrial Sociology, J. A. Banks
  • New Ways in Industrial Sociology, J. H. Smith
  • Status, Mobility and Anomie: A Study in Readiness for Desegregation, Melvin M. Tumin; Ray C. Collins, Jr.

Books reviewed

Pages 268-280

Author Title Reviewer
Hilde T. Himmelweit; A. N. Oppenheim; Pamela Vince Television and the Child Barbara Wootton
Eric Larrabee; Rolf Meyersohn Mass Leisure Barbara Wootton
Roy Lewis; Rosemary Stewart The Boss Nancy Seear
E. D. Lewis The Rhondda Valleys William C. E. Gregory
  The Indonesian Town, Studies in Urban Sociology Maurice Freedman
Melford E. Spiro Kibbutz. Venture in Utopia John Mogey
Harold L. Geisert World Population Pressures N. H. Carrier
Richard W. Stephens Population Pressures in Africa South of the Sahara N. H. Carrier
Irene B. Taeuber The Population of Japan E. Grebenik
G. W. Barclay Techniques of Population Analysis N. H. Carrier
Charles Wagley; Marvin Harris Minorities in the New World C. Jayawardena
Jerzy Zubrzycki Polish Immigrants in Britain, a Study of Adjustment Charlotte Erickson
A. H. Somjee Voting-Behaviour in an Indian Village G. M. Carstairs
E. Stengel; Nancy G. Cook Attempted Suicide, Its Social Significance and Effects A. N. Oppenheim
Andrew Cohen British Policy in Changing Africa Lucy Mair
W. Watson Tribal Cohesion in a Money Economy L. P. Mair
Seymour J. Price Building Societies. Their Origin and History T. C. Barker

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Charles R. Walker; Robert H. Guest; Arthur N. Turner The Foreman on the Assembly Line V. L. A.
  The Neurologic and Psychiatric Aspects of the Disorders of Ageing  J. C. R.
A. J. Arberry The Seven Odes: The First Chapter in Arabic Literature C. D.