Volume 10 No 1 March 1959


  • The Economic Thought of Mahatma Gandhi, Kenneth Rivett
  • Bias in Psychology--Its Effects and Their Correction, W H N Hotopf
  • On Substitution between the Goals of Working Groups, Michael P Fogarty
  • Understanding and Explanation in Social Anthropology, J H M Beattie

Books reviewed

Pages 61-90

Author Title Reviewer
  Jews, Chinese, and Some Others Maurice Freedman
David Lockwood The Blackcoated Worker, a Study in Class Consciousness G D H Cole
Werner Stark The Sociology of Knowledge: An Essay in Aid of a Deeper Understanding of the History of Ideas Duncan Mitchell
M Halbwachs The Psychology of Social Class W J H Sprott
Jean Belin-Milleron Les Bases Psychologique de L'Ordre Social W J H Sprott
Milton M Gordon Social Class in American Sociology A H Halsey
A Bonne The Challenge of Development Anthony H Richmond
Armand Cuvillier Sociologie et Problèmes Actuels F K Girling
J M Gullick Indigenous Political Systems of Western Malaya E R Leach
Ioné Acquah Accra Survey D G Macrae
W M Williams The Country Craftsman: A Study of Some Rural Crafts and the Rural Industries Organization in England Duncan Mitchell
F Grundy, E Lewis Faning Morbidity and Mortality in the First Year of Life J P Martin
E P Hutchinson Immigrants and Their Children, 1850-1950 Charlotte Erickson
D V Glass The University Teaching of Social Sciences--Demography J Hajnal
Peter Marris Widows and Their Families Christine Cockburn
William Caudill The Psychiatric Hospital as a Small Society J C Read
Robert Peers Adult Education Asa Briggs
K Lovell Educational Psychology and Children D R Price-Williams
W J M Mackenzie Free Elections W H Morris-Jones
H R G Greaves The Foundations of Political Theory D D Raphael
R Marriott Incentive Payment Systems Nancy Seear
Alvar Ellegard The Readership of the Periodical Press in Mid-Victorian Britain J A Banks
B C Roberts National Wages Policy in War and Peace Gertrude Williams
E B Worthington Science in the Development of Africa Phyllis Kaberry

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
James Wickenden Colour in Britain L P M
  Youth and Religion J H
Irene B Taeuber, Conrad Taeuber The Changing Population of the United States N H C
C Edward Hopen The Pastoral Fulbe Family in Gwandu  L P M
J M Bloch Miscegenation, Melaleukation, and Mr Lincoln's Dog M F
J A Tannahill European Volunteer Workers in Britain S P
George L Harris Jordan: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture P S C