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Volume 1 No 4 December 1950

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  • The Conception of the Middle Classes, G D H Cole 
  • Studies in the Genesis of the Naval Profession, Norbert Elias
  • Social Class and Politics in Greenwich, Mark Benney, Phyllis Geiss
  • Student Selection-An Experimental Investigation: I, Hilde T Himmelweit

Books reviewed

Pages 347-365

Author Title Reviewer
Robert H Lowie Social Organization A R Radcliffe-Browne
Henri Frankfort Kingship and the Gods M Fortes
D H Stott Delinquency and Human Nature Hermann Mannheim
Harold J Laski Trade Unions in the New Society G D H Cole
Isaac Deutscher Soviet Trade Unions G D H Cole
S A Stouffer, E A Suchman, L C DeVinney, S A Star,
R M Williams Jr, A A Lumsdaine, M H Lumsdaine,
M Brewster Smith, I L Janis, L S Cottrell Jr
The American Soldier H J Eysenck
D G Mandelbaum, Edward Sapir Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture and Personality D Schneider
Logan Wilson, William L Kolb, Robert K Merton Sociological Analysis Donald G MacRae
A Grenfell Price White Settlers and Native Peoples Leo Kuper
Charles Fox Educational Psychology; Its Problems and Methods E M Eppel