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Volume 1 No 3 September 1950

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  • The Law of the Cubic Proportion in Election Results, M G Kendall, A Stuart
  • Voting Behaviour in a Lancashire Constituency, A H Birch, Peter Campbell
  • An Historical Study of the Origins and Structure of the Danish Intelligentsia, Theodor Geiger
  • Patterns in Recent Social Research, P Sargant Florence

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
O Kahn-Freund,
Agnes Schwarzschild
The Function of Property in Modern English Law W Friedmann

Books reviewed

Pages 260-274

Author Title Reviewer
Talcott Parsons The Structure of Social Action W J H Sprott
Talcott Parsons Essays in Sociological Theory; Pure and Applied Donald G MacRae
Robert K Merton Social Theory and Social Structure Donald G MacRae
Sebastian de Grazia The Political Community J Gould
R M Titmuss Problems of Social Policy R C Chambers
Stuart Chase The Proper Study of Mankind. An Inquiry into the Science of Human Relations J Floud
Mary Hopkirk Nobody Wanted Sam B R Hinchliff
Mildred de M Rudolf Everybody's Children B R Hinchliff
Arthur Collis, Vera Poole These Our Children B R Hinchliff
Eli Ginzberg A Pattern for Hospital Care J W B Douglas