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Volume 1 No 2 June 1950

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  • Social Class of Cambridge University Alumni of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Hester Jenkins, D Caradog Jones
  • Problems and Orientations of Research in Race Relations in the United States, Louis Wirth
  • Social Structure and the Ruling Class: Part 2, Raymond Aron
  • Some Demographic Aspects of White Supremacy in South Africa, Leo Kuper

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
The Scottish Council for Research in Education The Trend of National Intelligence Cyril Burt

Books reviewed

Pages 169-182

Author Title Reviewer
W J H Sprott Sociology R M MacIver
Ralph Linton Most of the World O H K Spate
Redcliffe N Salaman The History and Social Influence of the Potato H L Beales
Lionel S Penrose Biology of Mental Defect F A E Crew
Martin Buber Paths in Utopia Donald G MacRae
R N Carew Hunt The Theory and Practice of Communism Donald G MacRae
Emmeline Cohen English Social Services R C Chambers
Virginia Robinson Dynamics of Supervision under Functional Control K F McDougall
H D Willcock Mass Observation: Report on Juvenile Delinquency  J C Spencer
Elizabeth R Glover Probation and Re-Education  J C Spencer