Volume 1 No 1 March 1950

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  • Social Structure and the Ruling Class: Part 1, Raymond Aron
  • The Application of Social Research, D V Glass
  • Social Grading of Occupations, John Hall, D Caradog Jones
  • Social Attitude and Social Class, H J Eysenck
  • Social Structure and Politics in Birmingham and Lyons (1825-1848), Asa Briggs

Books reviewed

Pages 81-92

Author Title Reviewer
R H Samuel,  R Hinton Thomas Education and Society in Modern Germany T H Marshall
Troisième Série L'Année Sociologique Morris Ginsberg
Max Weber Methodology of the Social Sciences Donald G MacRae
Roy Lewis, Angus Maude The English Middle Classes J Floud
R Schlesinger Changing Attitudes in Soviet Russia: The Family B R Hinchliff