Piketty Symposium - BJS December 2014 issue  The BJS has published a symposium  dedicated to discussing Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It brings together leading scholars from many social science disciplines,  based at the LSE,  to explore what has undoubtedly been the most significant academic text published during the past year. Contributors have been asked to reflect critically on Piketty's text: to assess its significance, evaluate its main arguments and recommendations and consider its broader implications for the analysis of inequality.  Those taking part include: Mike Savage, John Holmwood, Tony Atkinson, Laura Bear, Diane Perrons, Jonathan Hopkins, David Piachaud, Frank Cowell, David Soskice, and Gareth Jones.  We are delighted to confirm that Thomas Piketty has also agreed to write a contribution to what promises to be a very thought-provoking issue. (Access to this issue will be free, i.e. no subscription will be necessary.)


Ulrich Beck

The editorial team, editorial board and staff of the BJS are all deeply saddened by the death of Ulrich Beck. Besides bing a member of our International Board since 2001, Professor Beck has been a highly significant presence in the Journal. He was one of our most successful authors, publishing 10 articles between 1995 and 2014 (free access to all his pieces has been arranged), and the founding speaker (in 2000) in the BJS Annual lecture series. His 2000 paper 'The cosmopolitan perspective: sociology of the second age of modernity' was one of the best-cited  articles in the Journal's  history, while the 2010 Special Issue he co-edited with Edgar Grand,'Varieties of second modernity: extra-European experiences and perspectives', continues to be highly successful.  Professor Beck was also a regular and generous assessor for articles submitted to the Journal,  producing comments for our authors that set impeccable standards both for their level of detail and their combination of critique and encouragement. Many tributes (follow this link to the LSE  obituary page) will be paid to the importance of his work and scholarship, and we join with others  in underlining his lasting significance for sociology as a discipline. But in addition to this, we will remember his personal qualities, the generosity and conviviality of Professor Beck. He was a true friend to the Journal  who neverl failed to show interest and enthusiasm for what we were publishing and our future plans. His advice was as willingly given as it was gratefully received.  We will miss him greatly.


BSA Conference Panel Meeting

Sixty years of Sociology in the BJS: Learning about sociology dthrough editing an academic Journall
Thursday 7 April 2011, 4.30=5.30 pm in the Hong Kong Theatre, London School of Economics
Panel Members: Richard Wright (EIC) and Frances Heidsohn (General Editor)


Special 60th Anniversary issue

The BJS Shaping Sociology over 60 Years

60th Anniversary BannerThe BJS turns 60 this year. To mark this occasion the Editors have chosen two articles from each of the Journal's six decades that, in their view, have had a significant and enduring impact on sociology.  Each of the articles is accompanied by contemporary commentary that critically assesses its legacy.  While the articles chosen represent just a fraction of the many path-breaking contributions published in the BJS over the years, it is our hope that they will serve to amply demonstrate the Journal's central and longstanding role in fostering the sociological imagination.

Follow this link for free access to BJS - Shaping  Sociology Over 60 Years

A podcast will be available of the lecture: go to Events to access details about directions, contacts and podcast link.