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September 2015

Nationalism, democratization and cosmopolitics
Downloading plug-ins for f=natinalism and cosmopolitanism
Edin Tabak

Europe in world regional perpective: formations of modernity and major historical transformations
Gerard Delanty

Cosmopolitics: towards a new articulation of politics, science and critique
Hiro Saito

New adventures in ethnomethods
Methodological troubles as problems and phenomena: ethnomethodology and the question of 'method' in the social sciences
Christian Greiffenhaen, Michael Mair and Wes Sharrock

Microstructures of economic action: talk, interaction and the bottom line
Nick LLewellyn

Family history and  intergenerational mobility
Increasing inter-genertional social mobility: is educational expansion the answer?
Patrick Sturgis and  Franz Buscha

Practising family history:' identity' as a category of social practice
Wendy Bottero

Are conspiracy theories rational?
Scrutinizing impacts of conspiracy theories on readers' political views: a rational choice perspective on anti-semetic in Turkey
Turkay Salim Nefes

Book Review Symposium: Hard Times: Inequality, Recession, Aftermath
Editor Introduction
Manali Desai

Hard times are only going to get harder
David Blanchflower

When a rich society gets a bit poorer: the safety net in hard times
Kitty Stewart

Social division and state restructuring
Peter Taylor Gooby

Response to commentators
Tom Clark and Anthony Heath



June 2015

Politics, inequality and class identity
The sociologist and the state. An assessment of Pierre Bourdieu's sociology
Willem Schinkel

Everyday politics, social pracices and the movement networks: daily life in Barcelona's social centres
Luke Yates

Class comparisons: subjective social location and lay experiences of constraint and mobility
Sarah Irwin

On emotional labour
Embodied labour in music work
Lynne Pettinger

Emotions, affects and the production of social life
Nick Fox

Doing good when times are bad: volunteering behaviour in economic hard times
Chaeyoon Lim and James Laurence

Other papers
The media of sociology: tight or loose translations
Michael Guggenheim

Syringe society:
Nicole Vitellone

Book Reviews

March 2015


2014 BJS Annual Public Lecture
A post-genomic surprise. The molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine
Troy Duster

Is personalized medicine different? (Reinscription: the sequel) A response to Troy Duster
Barbara Prainsack

Race, genes, power
Duana Fullwiley

Science, critical race theory and colour-blindness
Patricia Hill Collins

Response to 'A post-genomic surprise. The molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine'
Carrie Friese

A different kind of association between socio-histories and health
Joan H. Fujimura

'When are you from?' Time, space, and capital in the molecular reinscription of race
Jonathan Kahn

Race, post-genomic science and good intentions: form racial science to anti-racism?
John Solomos

Response to comments on 'A post-genomic surprise'
Troy Duster

The politics of social mobility
The mobility problem in Britain: new findings from the analysis of birth cohort data
Erzsebet Bukodi, John H. Goldthorpe, Lorraine Waller and Jouni Kuha

Global sport mega-events and the politics of mobility: the case of the London 2012 Olympics
Richard Giulianotti, Gary Armstrong, Gavin Hales and Dick Hobbs

The politics of survey measurements
Has protest increased since the 1970s? How a survey question can construct a spurious trend
Michael Biggs

Three perpectives on the mismatch between measures of material poverty
Rod Hick

Employment, ethics and citizenship
Serving the army as secretaries: intersectionality, multi-level contract and subjective experience of citizenship
Edna Lomsky-Feder and Orna Sasson-Levy

The context of exployment discrimination: interpreting the findings of a field experiment
Arnfinn H. Midtboen