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June 2016

New engagements with post-communism
Trauma management: :Chernobyl in Belarus and Ukraine
Ekatherina Zhukova

The persistence of cliques in the post-communist state. the case of deniability in drug reimbursement policy in Poland
Piotr Ozierariski and Lauwrence King

On family as performance
Funerals and families: locating death as a relational issue
Kate Woodthorpe and Hannah Rumble

Performative family: homosexuality, marriage and intergenerational dynamics in China
Susanne YP Choi and Ming Luo

Media power and persuasion
Does media coverage influence public attitudes towards welfare recipients? the impace of the 2011 English riots
Aaron reeves andRobert de Vries

Malala and the politics of global iconicity
Thomas Olesen

Other papers
Party on wheels: mobile party spaces in the Norwegian high school graduation celebration
Elvind Grip Fjaer, Willy Pedersen and Sveinung Sandberg

Homology and isomorphism: Bourdieu in conversation with New Institutionalism
Yingyao Wang

Public political thought: bridging the sociological-philosophical divide in the study of legitimacy
Uriel Abulof

September 2016

Sociology of morality
Kindness in Australia: an empirical critique of moral decline in sociology
Daphne Habibis, Nicholas Hookaway and Anthea Vreugdenhil

Moral panic, moral regulationand the civilizing process
Sean Hier

New forms of 'the global'
Processes of social flourishing and their liminal collapse: elements to a geneology of globalization
Arpad Szakolczai

A state of limbo: the politics of waiting in neo-liberal Latvia
Liene Ozolina-Fitzgerald

The cosmopolitan contradictions of planetary urbanization
Gareth Millington

Other papers
Fetishes and factishes - Durkeim and Latour
Bjorn Sheirmer

Why still marry: the role of feelings in the persistence of marriage as an institution
Francesco C. Billari and Aart C. Liefbroer

Targeted arassment, subcultural indentity and the embrace of difference: a case study
Paul Hodkinson and Jon Garland

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