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September 2014 


Crime, poverty and policy

Heavy-Light, absent-present: rethinking the 'weight' of imprisonment|
Ben Crewe, Alison Liebling and Susie Hulley

Frenzied attacks.  A Micro-sociological analysis of the emotional dynamics of extreme youth violence|
Don Weenink

Income inequality, poverty and crime across nations
|Paul-Philippe Pare and Richard Felson

 Imagining the State

Neither real nor fictitious but 'as if real'? A political ontology of the state|
Colin Hay

 Towards a political ontology of state power: a comment on Colin Hay's article|
Bob Jessop

If it didn't exist we'd have to invent it... Further reflections on the ontological status of the state|
Colin Hay

Value-free sociology

Provoking misunderstanding: a comment on Black's defece of value-free sociology|
Martyn Hammersley

Additional papers

The materiality of mathematics: presenting mathematics at the blackboard|
Christian Greiffenhagen

Taste cultures of music and drugs: evidence from three analytic levels|
Michael Vuolo, Christopher Uggen and Sarah Lageson

Towards intensive parenting? Changes in the composition and determinants of mothers' and fathers' time with children 1992-2006|
Lyn Craig, Abigail Powell and Ciara Smyth

 Book Reviews


June 2014 


 Editorial Introduction

Money, risk and uncertainty

Uncertainty: the Curate's egg in financial economics|
Jocelyn Pixley

Pennies from  heaven? Conceptions and earmarking of lottery prize money|
Anna Hedenus

Alleviating poverty or reinforcing inequality? Interpreting micro-finance in practice with illustrations from rural China
|Becky Yang Hsu

Media in society and sociology

Social media in the 2011 Egyptian uprising
|Robert Brym, Melissa Godbout, Andreas Hoffbauer, Gabe Menard and Tony Huiquan Zhang

Social theory and current affairs: a framework for intellectual engagement
|Rob Stones

The advanced use of mobile phones in five European countries|
Leopoldina Fortunati and Sakira Taipale


The idea of philosophical sociology|
Daniel Chernilo

The arbitrariness and normativity of social conventions|
Ismael Al-Amoudi and John Latsis 

Book Reviews