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Septmber 2014 


Crime, poverty and policy

Heavy-Light, absent-present: rethinking the 'weight' of imprisonment|
Ben Crewe, Alison Liebling and Susie Hulley

Frenzied attacks.  A Micro-sociological analysis of the emotional dynamics of extreme youth violence|
Don Weenink

Income inequality, poverty and crime across nations
|Paul-Philippe Pare and Richard Felson

 Imagining the State

Neither real nor fictitious but 'as if real'? A political ontology of the state|
Colin Hay

 Towards a political ontology of state power: a comment on Colin Hay's article|
Bob Jessop

If it didn't exist we'd have to invent it... Further reflections on the ontological status of the state
Colin Hay

Value-free sociology

Provoking misunderstanding: a comment on Black's defece of value-free sociology
Martyn Hammersley

Additional papers

The materiality of mathematics: presenting mathematics at the blackboard
Christian Greiffenhagen

Taste cultures of music and drugs: evidence from three analytic levels
Michael Vuolo, Christopher Uggen and Sarah Lageson

Towards intensive parenting? Changes in the composition and determinants of mothers' and fathers' time with children 1992-2006
Lyn Craig, Abigail Powell and Ciara Smyth

 Book Reviews


June 2014 


 Editorial Introduction

Money, risk and uncertainty

Uncertainty: the Curate's egg in financial economics
Jocelyn Pixley

Pennies from  heaven? Conceptions and earmarking of lottery prize money
Anna Hedenus

Alleviating poverty or reinforcing inequality? Interpreting micro-finance in practice with illustrations from rural China
Becky Yang Hsu

Media in society and sociology

Social media in the 2011 Egyptian uprising
Robert Brym, Melissa Godbout, Andreas Hoffbauer, Gabe Menard and Tony Huiquan Zhang

Social theory and current affairs: a framework for intellectual engagement
Rob Stones

The advanced use of mobile phones in five European countries
Leopoldina Fortunati and Sakira Taipale


The idea of philosophical sociology
Daniel Chernilo

The arbitrariness and normativity of social conventions
Ismael Al-Amoudi and John Latsis 

Book Reviews