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March 2015


2014 BJS Annual Public Lecture
A post-genomic surprise. The molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine
|Troy Duster

Is personalized medicine different? (Reinscription: the sequel) A response to Troy Duster
|Barbara Prainsack

Race, genes, power
|Duana Fullwiley

Science, critical race theory and colour-blindness
|Patricia Hill Collins

Response to 'A post-genomic surprise. The molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine'
|Carrie Friese

A different kind of association between socio-histories and health|
Joan H. Fujimura

'When are you from?' Time, space, and capital in the molecular reinscription of race|
Jonathan Kahn

Race, post-genomic science and good intentions: form racial science to anti-racism?
|John Solomos

Response to comments on 'A post-genomic surprise'
|Troy Duster

The politics of social mobility
The mobility problem in Britain: new findings from the analysis of birth cohort data|
Erzsebet Bukodi, John H. Goldthorpe, Lorraine Waller and Jouni Kuha

Global sport mega-events and the politics of mobility: the case of the London 2012 Olympics|
Richard Giulianotti, Gary Armstrong, Gavin Hales and Dick Hobbs

The politics of survey measurements
Has protest increased since the 1970s? How a survey question can construct a spurious trend
|Michael Biggs

Three perpectives on the mismatch between measures of material poverty|
Rod Hick

Employment, ethics and citizenship
Serving the army as secretaries: intersectionality, multi-level contract and subjective experience of citizenship
|Edna Lomsky-Feder and Orna Sasson-Levy

The context of exployment discrimination: interpreting the findings of a field experiment
|Arnfinn H. Midtboen



December 2014

Piketty Symposium


Editors' introduction|

Piketty's challenge for sociology|
Mike Savage

Beyond capital? The challenge for sociology in Britain|
John Holmwood

After Piketty?|
A.B. Atkinson

Capital and  time:contradiction, uncertainty and inequality|
Laura Bear

Capital in the twenty-first century: a critique
|David Soskice

Gendering inequality: a note on Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century
|Diane Perrons

The politics of Piketty: what political science can learn from, and contribute to, the debate on|Capital in the Twenty-First Century
|Jonathan Hopkins

Piketty's capital and social policy
|David Piachaud

Piketty in the long run|
Frank Cowell

Where's the capital? A geographical essay
|Gareth Jones

Capital in the Twenty-First Century: a multidimensional approach to the history of capital and social classes|
Thomas Piketty