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December 2015

Modernity and the reflexive self
On reflexivity and the conduct of the self in everyday life: reflections on Bourdieu and Archer
Sadiya Akram and Anthony Hogan

Ultimate concerns in late modernity: Archer, Bourdieu and reflexivity
David M. Farrugia and Dan Woodman

Sociology as a career
Rescuing from oblivion: social characteristics and career destinations of early British 'sociology' graduates, 1907-39
Christopher T. Husbands

Work, life and industrial citizenship
Rethinking industrial citizenship : the role and meaning of work in an age of austerity
Tim Strangleman

Work--life balance/imbalance: the dominance of the middle class and the neglect of the working class
Tracey Warren

Special Section: Aesthetics and social change
Editorial comment: introducing new BJS special sections
Editorial Team

Notes towards a 'social aesthetic': Guest editors' introduction to the special section
Cristiana Olcese and Mike Savage

Pierre Bourdieu and Jacques Ranciere on art/aesthetics and politics:: the origins of disagreement, 1963--1985
Derek Robbins

Fell runners and walking walls:  towards a sociology of living landscapes and aesthetic atmosperes as an alternative to a Lakeland picturesque
Sarah Nettleton

Restabilizing attachment to cultural objects.  Aesthetics, emotions and biography
Claudio Benzecry


March 2016

2015 BJS Annual Public Lecture

Before theory comes theorizing or how to make social science more interesting
Richard Swedberg

The meaning of theorizing
Monika Krause

Theorizing - for what?
Margareta Bertilsson

What conception of the theoretical does 'theorizing' presuppose? Comment on Richard Swedberg's 'Before theory comes theorizing or how tomake social science more interesting'
Mikael Carleheden

Theorizing Resistance
Erik Schneiderhan

The pragmatist wave of theory construction
Iddo Tavory

Reply to commentators
Richard Swedberg

Risk, uncertainty and moral economy
The unaccountable risks of LIBOR
Dick Bryan and Michael Rafferty

The moral economy of austerity: analysing UK welfare reform
Lydia Morris

Other papers
Real Social Analytics: A contribution towards a phenomenology of a digital world
Nick Couldry, Aristea Fotopoulou and Luke Dickens

Revitalizing sociology: urban life and mental illness between history and the present
Des Fitzgerald, Nicholas Rose and Ilina Singh

Book Reviews