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BJS Online

For more than 50 years the BJS has represented the mainstream of sociological thinking and research. Consistently ranked highly by the ISI in Sociology, this prestigious, international journal publishes sociological scholarship of the highest quality on all aspect of the discipline, by academics from all over the world.

BJS Online is the LSE hosted webpage for the BJS. The page enables access to the tables of contents for all the published copies of the Journal from 1950 through to the present. Links to forthcoming events, special issues and Journal notices will appear on the Related Links panel on  the BJS homepage.

BJS Mission Statement

  • To be a leading sociology journal in terms of academic substance, scholarly reputation, with relevance to and impact on the social and democratic questions of our times;
  • To publish papers demonstrating the highest standards of scholarship in sociology for authors worldwide;
  • To carry papers from across the full range of sociological research  and knowledge
  • To lead debate on key methodological and theoretical questions and controversies in contemporary sociology, for example through the annual lecture special issue;
  • To react quickly to major publishing and /or world events by producing special issues and /or sections;
  • To highlight new areas of sociological research, new developments in sociological theory and new methodological innovatins, for example through timely special sections and special issues;
  • To publish the best work from scholars in new and emerging regions where sociology is developing;
  • To encourage new and aspiring sociologists to submit papers to the journal, and to spotlight their work through the BJS Early Career Prize;
  • To engage with the sociological community - academics as well as students - in the UK and abroad, through social media, and a journal blog