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Annual Lecture


BJIR Annual Lecture 2011 with Professor Nancy Folbre|

Professor Nancy Folbre Annual Lecture on 29. November 2011. Her lecture is titled: 'For Love and Money: The Distinctive Features of Care Work.'

Video: BJIR Annual Lecture 2010|

Whither Industrial Relations: Does it have a Future in
Post-Industrial Society?

Professor Michael Piore, David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The lecture links the crisis of industrial relations to the breakdown of a particular model of the relationship between the economy and society, discusses the models which are emerging in its place and the possible role of the IR field within them.

Video: BJIR Annual Lecture 2009|

Emotional Prosperity: Biomarkers, Economic Markers, and the Stiglitz Commission on Human Progress

Speaker: Andrew Oswald, University of Warwick and member of the Stiglitz Commission on Human Progress

Video: BJIR Annual Lecture 2008|

Institutional Change in Advanced Political Economies

Speaker: Kathleen Thelen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology