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Special Issues

The BJIR has an annual programme of workshops and special issues to steer the journal and to encourage new authors, from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, to publish in the Journal. Special issues update the field and re-connect it to broader debate and inquiry within the social sciences. In this respect, BJIR is a reforming journal. The editorial board regards this activity as vital to the health of the journal. All workshops are held at the LSE and are open to the public. No fees are charged to participants. Papers are carefully selected by editors in charge of the workshops and subsequently are subjected to the normal refereeing process. Papers accepted are then published in BJIR special Issues.

Special Issue on Symposium on Richard Hyman|
Volume 49, Issue 2
June 2011
Symposium on the WERS 2004
|Volume 46, Issue 4
December 2008
Symposium on The Embedded Corporation by Sanford Jacoby
|Edited by Carola Frege and John Logan
Volume 43, Issue 4
December 2005
Symposium on the Quality of Work Life
|Volume 43, Issue 3
September 2005
Special Edition on Politics and Employment Relations
|Edited by Stephen Wood, Steve Ludlam, Andrew Taylor and Edmund Heery
Volume 41, Issue 4
December 2003
Special Edition on the ESRC Future of Work Programme
|Edited by Peter Nolan and Stephen Wood
Volume 41, Issue 2
June 2003
Special Edition on Union Decline and Prospects for Revival
|Edited by Anil Verma, Stephen Wood and Tom Kochan
Volume 40, Issue 3
September 2002
Special Edition based on the Analyses of Britain's 1998 Workplace Employee Relations survey
|Edited by Paul Marginson and Stephen Wood
Volume 38, Issue 4
December 2000